A Church In Cumberland For Cumberland

 Current members of Cumberland Community Church have been praying for years that their church would serve the needs of this growing village.  

Now a church Re-Plant is in the works!  

This could be the season that God does something new and you can be part of it. 

A Growing Village

 Moving to a new area is a big transition in life. Not only do people find new places to explore and shop, they also forge new friendships. They start evaluating what is important in life as they get established. Imagine a church that is uniquely positioned to welcome them to town. A church that provides a network of friendships that are based on faith in Jesus. The current option is to travel outside the community to worship or sadly, many don’t belong to a church at all. With the upcoming Re-Plant of Cumberland Community Church, there will be a church in Cumberland for the people of Cumberland. 

The Place To Be
Cumberland is the place to be.

 What once was considered a rough, out-of-the-way village in decline, is now a desired destination. It has had a remarkable comeback. Families are moving to town. In fact, Cumberland’s new arrivals are making the average age of the village a lot younger than the rest of the region. They are moving for a small-town vibe, taking advantage of the world-class mountain biking, and other year-round outdoor activities. Now, with Cumberland being the place to be, they have adopted the motto “legendary” which uniquely describes this village booming with life.