In the heart of the village sits the historic Cumberland Community Church. The elderly members of the church are no longer able to carry the mission, but their heart is for Jesus to be known in their village. Their desire is for new leadership with a vision, to make Christ known in Cumberland. Offering their building for the Re-Plant they approached Courtenay Fellowship Baptist Church and Fellowship Pacific to join them in this long prayed-over goal. 

The Plan
  1. A transition team is established to implement the plan.

  2. Partners, including Fellowship Pacific, numerous churches, and individuals, pledge their financial support.

  3. A Re-Plant pastor is recruited in 2022

  4. The Re-Plant pastor builds a team and launches the new work.

  1. Partnerships are crucial when starting something new. Consider partnering with us through financial support and prayer.

    This is the minimal goal to get things started. Funds raised abpve this minimal goal will provide additional resources for the new pastor and his team. The amounts already pledged by Courtenay Fellowship Baptist and Fellowship Pacific are in addition to the minimal Re-Plant goal.

Re-Plant Pledge